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Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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A message from Shane and Victor::JustCircuit.MAG Oct/Nov/Dec 2015
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11/11/2015 12:55:44
The Circuit has always been a tight community comprised of those who love the music, love the parties and love getting together frequently, usually do do something good for others. JustCircuit has ALWAYS been in it for the RIGHT reasons, which is the basis for our SUCCESS. Due to this success, we’ve in fact provided services valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars to fundraisers throughout our community. We’ve built events and event weekends with our behind the scenes work. JustCircuit has put the focus on the Circuit and kept it there proudly. What will YOU give back to our community? Will you help the community that helps you back?

There are so many new events for 2016 planned to take you to another level. Our staff is working diligently to bring all the details and information to you with each and every issue. To see a growing party scene is a wonderful thing and to see it grow with so many new faces makes us all smile. We are made up of all shapes, colors, ages and sizes and as the Circuit grows, remember there is a place for everyone here. The Circuit rings always rings true with the old saying “It takes a village” to make a great community. You are never too old, too out of shape, too unimportant to have a good time for a good cause. 

JustCircuit loves all our writers and staff. They do great work and do it better with each passing day. We support them all and send a special thank you for the work that has allowed us to grow and become the #1 Media for everything Circuit. It’s been our great pleasure to facilitate your excellence over the years, and we look forward to many, many years to come! 

Did you know JustCircuit also provides low-cost printing and graphics designs for events around the world? So many have discovered the service we provide to event producers in providing great, competitive pricing for palm cards, business cards, vinyl banners, posters and more, and usually with a 24-hour turnaround. Contact us for a quote and let us add even more value to your next event or event weekend!

(Click to view)

This Fall issue is stuffed full of amazing talent. DJ Chaos and the fab CeCe Peniston spoke with JustCircuit about their new collaboration “Believe”. We feature the incredible up-and-coming Andra Day, whose voice reminds us of those greats from the past. Care Resource produces The White Party in Miami each year and JustCircuit is a longtime sponsor. We speak with Jonathan Welsh to get an update one events and more from the “Crown Jewel of the Circuit.” Our Diva On Vinyl DJ Bugie gives us “The Magnitude of Lust”. Check out all the upcoming events in our calendar. You won’t want to miss the new events at year’s end in Puerto Vallarta for sure. 

We keep our pulse on the party and keep it real with every issue. Be sure to live, love laugh…and BE STUNNING this Fall!

Victor Rogers-Mauro, Publisher         Shane Rogers-Mauro, Executive Editor

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