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Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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A message from Shane and Victor::JustCircuit.MAG Volume 9, Issue 4::July-August-September 2015
Last Post 08/20/2015 00:28:18 by EDITOR. 0 Replies.
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Senior Member

08/20/2015 00:28:18

JustCircuit hasn’t just become the leading Media for everything related to the parties and events we all love.  That happened a few years back.  Our dedicated team of amazing writers, editors and staff continue to work to bring all the Circuit goodness to you each and every issue, and with everything we do.  As always, the Circuit is evolving and so is JustCircuit!  What was once one of the first websites dedicated to party pictures from various Circuit events has now become a global leader in all Media related to Circuit and nightclub life, thanks to YOU the reader!  What we make happen six times a year with JustCircuit.MAG, the annual JustCircuit Awards and always continue forward in our quest to be better with each passing event.  So many great parties are fundraisers for some extremely important causes.  This is why we do what we do and work to make the Circuit better for all.  Let us know what you would like to see in the future: More pictures?  More calendar entries?  More international coverage?  Our team will get to work!  And do you want to be a part of our expansion at JustCircuit?  Drop us an email and let us know you are interested!

The idea that “Love Wins” with the recent ruling by the Supreme Court in favor of Gay Marriage was remarkable and historical.  This summer we have a special reason to celebrate and we hope you’ll choose to visit our partner events.  One only has to refer toJustCircuit to find the next, big party and new ones just keep popping up everywhere!  Make the most of this celebration this year and above all, be safe and informed. We’ll do our part to suggest the very best to you.

Frankie Knuckles is featured in this issue in tribute to the Godfather of House music, something we all love dearly.  If you’re not familiar with the DJ, check out the latest release from Defected Records’ “Frankie Knuckles: House Masters” and then you’ll understand why so many of us loved him so much.  DJ Ranny was voted “Best Up and Coming (Circuit) DJ” in the 10th Annual JustCircuit Awards last February and for good reason.  His feature in JustCircuit.MAG makes it clear that the Circuit is alive and well with the best talent in the world. Although Sofonda Peters has limits to certain forms of “Love” she is happy to celebrate the new law of the land when it comes to marriage.  Those who dare cross her will know her even better!  Our Diva on Vinyl DJ Bugie is back with his reviews and commentary. And of course, there’s always pictures and more.

Keep cool this summer and remember to “Live, Love, Laugh…and be STUNNING” all summer long!

Shane Rogers-Mauro         Victor Rogers-Mauro
Executive Editor                                      Publisher


Topic is locked

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